Thankful for Beaches!

Because we did not have to cook today we took the day off and spent some time at Stinson Beach with Da!  We enjoyed every minute of it barefoot with sweaters!  We built sand castles, ran into the waves (only to our toes because the water is SO COLD!) and ate our favorite lunch of cheese and crackers.  We are home now, preparing our Thanksgiving meal (prepackaged food from Costco which just needs heating up), catching up on laundry and listening to our favorite Thanksgiving music, A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns.   

Today I am so very grateful for my family, that we are together and making memories!  (I recently had a discussion of Facebook with a friend who agreed that the simplest of family celebrations can be made special by being on an “adventure!”  One of my fondest memories is a very simple Christmas in China, with a 5 inch tree with a plastic necklace laced around it, M&M’s and Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Album!  Her’s was also a Christmas in a hotel, with family around her!  I hope that my children remember this Thanksgiving in the same way!)   I am also grateful for my hard working husband who is going to “extra” lengths to assure that our family will accomplish our goals and be secure in this economy! 

2 Responses

  1. Kristiana says:

    We share the same good taste in music! I love that cd. (Of course that’s partly because I was in the BYU orchestra that recorded it!) Looks like great Thanksgiving memories were made.

  2. Marmee says:

    Kristiana, That is SO COOL that you were in that orchestra! Beautiful work! ~Anne