Mr. Ray and Bubba Gump

Today we headed out to the Monterey Aquarium.  The drive is about 2 hours (traffic) but we enjoyed our time watching the beautiful hills roll by.  I would ONLY live in CA if I could live in those gorgeous hills!!  ;o)

The girls loved the aquarium and pretty much everything about Cannery Row.  Pie was obsessed with seeing a shark today, but once we found one she was not that impressed.  Mouse had a name for everything, and about 1/2 way through the aquarium in dawned on me that she was calling them by their names from Nemo.  (We had yet to encounter Nemo or Dori, but we had met Mr. Ray and Bruce.)  Mouse also told me that her favorite thing was being able to touch the star fish.  Star continued to try her handat learning how to take a photo, though I had to laugh when I foundher in the circular sardine enclosure going round andround andround with the “school fish.”  Xuxu also stole my camera for a few minutes and loved figuring a few things out.   I am really afraid that I will have to buy her an SLR someday soon.

Today we purchased At the Aquarium (Dover Pictorial Archives)and Seashores (Peterson Field Guides Color-in Books) from the aquarium.  I love coloring books for the littles (and for the big kids, see my choices below!)  They love coloring and it reinforces the learning and memories that we have made.

Future purchases that we have planned for school:

Exploring Creation With Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

Marine Biology

Supplement:  The Marine Biology Coloring Book

I asked around for a place to eat, and of course the girls wanted SEAFOOD!  What else do you eat on Cannery Row?   We received three recommendations, but decided to go with the chaotic, colorful and child friendly Bubba Gump.  We ordered 1.5 lbs. of Cajun shrimp, which came with garlic bread for dreading!   The girls ate every single morsel, and I had to move fast to get enough!  Do not compete with my girls when it comes to seafood!

Explanation of some photos

Row 1:  I like the third photo of the jelly fish the best.  ;o)

Row 2:  The bass fish with Pie’s hand is demonstrating how a Tuna can fold it’s fins into groves in it’s body and become more streamlined.  This fish is extremely fast!

Row 3, Photo 1:  This is a sea otter in the ocean in front of the aquarium. Adorable!

Row 6:  The first photo with the clam shows the clam eating kelp.  I wish I had gotten in closer, but there were lots of people in line and I did not want to slow them down.  The third photo is Xuxupointing at a pink crab that she found irresistible.  I do not believe he felt the same about her and he was doing his darndest to get away!

Row 7 & 8:  Both rows contain the “bottoms” of snails.  They were pretty amazing because you could see the mouth at work!  The girls also loved finally seeing a cuddle fish.   We found tons of their shells at Stinson Beach and at the time they just could not picture what I was describing.

2nd to last row:  Yes, I lost track!  ;o)  The Run Forrest Run and Stop Forrest Stop signs were on the table so that we could signal our waitress.  I loved the idea and it worked incredibly well!   Ingenious!

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    I love the new look of your blog and the photos are amazing!