More on Self Government


Several months ago I attended a seminar by Nicoleen Peck about Self Government.  Her approach to parenting really works well with our family, and fit in with how we were already raising our children.

I was excited today to find out that her portion of a BBC special is now on Youtube.  I wish that they had covered more of the actual interaction between her and the teens, but I know that they were pressed for time. 


(As an interesting side note, I find it amazing that the US is heading in the direction of the UK when it comes to social programs.  Hannah’s conversation about how she spends her benefits should be a warning to us!  If you watch any more of this program on U*Tube, you’ll see even more of the disintegration of their society and how it is affecting their children.)

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  1. Janelle says:

    Garth and I really enjoyed these-loved the post.