Legion of Honor Part I

Mouse informed me that this was Aslan, and that he had a twin on the other side of the walk. 

Today’s visit to the Legion of Honor provided us with a handful of new experiences! The least not being that we could take photos inside. As long as we did not use a flash, they did not mind! I have never been in a gallery with works of this magnitude where they allowed that, and so I went a little hog wild! Enjoy! (Comments about photos are beneath each photo and you can click on each photo to see a larger version!)


november2009 1470

november2009 1462

 Can you tell me who these people are?  One is a carpenter’s son and the other is a tax collector.

november2009 1458

november2009 1451

This chair is from Spain, circa 1650.

november2009 1443

I was secretly hoping that this silver was from England because we have a family connection to swans in England. 

Alas, it was not.  It is from Russia.

november2009 1437

This painting is also from Russia.  Xuxu guessed Turkey, and when I told her Russia she said, “well, I was close!” ;o)

november2009 1436

This bust (above) was made of clay.  I was astounded with the detail, esp. how well it has endured!

november2009 1433

This was my favorite painting in the exhibit!  I do not know if the camera captured it, but check out the closer photo below! 

The artist had captured 3D!!

november2009 1432

november2009 1430



november2009 1423

Again, the detail in MARBLE is incredible! 

This young many would be welcome in my home any day with his neat appearance and obvious love of the sea and books!

november2009 1421

This painting is an example of several done on bronze.  I had no idea that they painted in oils on metal! 

The texture is completely different and it almost appears to be a photograph!

november2009 1414

 I just loved how the artist caught “joy” in the eyes of this patron!

november2009 1406

This painting above is the only Van Gough we found in the museum (so far.) 

november2009 1405

Xuxu also thinks Monet is fabulous! 

november2009 1397

The Thinker (one of 20 casts around the world) by Rodin.  The original is in the Musee Rodin in Paris. 

(That is another museum on Mouse’s list!) 

november2009 1393

The Bay from the hillside.

november2009 1392

                                                                                                                                      San Francisco’s Holoucaust Memorial.