I Learned to Drive in SF!

(This photo was taken at the entrance to Chocolate Heaven.  In order to take it, I had to kneel down.  The greeter asked me if I was “kneeling at the alter” to which I promptly replied, “YES!”) 


  • I navigated down town SF traffic successfully. (I dropped Da off at school on Market Street!)
  • We have a new found love for croissants! (And Boudin’s!)
  • The girls have now seen and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge twice.
  • We “did” Fisherman’s Warf, and we are glad it’s over.  (I am so NOT the “shopping touristy” type! ;o)
  • Mouse and Pie rode on a Merry-go-round.
  • We ate cotton candy.
  • Purchased copious amounts of chocolate, a couple “chocolate” themed t-shirts for our resident chocolate nut (Xuxu).

Now we are “home” and headed to the hot tub!  Enjoy!

2 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    I guess shopping for chocolate is educational. He He He

  2. Angela says:

    It certainly is educational!