From Bountiful to Desolation

Today we drove from Tehachapi to San Francisco. As we left the hills behind us, we discovered the sweetest little farmer’s market! We stopped, found some great opportunities for photography, tasted some amazing fruit and ran the corn maze!

October2009 137

October2009 142

October2009 146

These are called “Budda’s fingers.” 

October2009 148

October2009 186

October2009 155

October2009 193

After leaving this sweet spot, we drove through California’s “bread basket.”  What a heart breaking sight it is!  To think that all this destruction is supposedly about saving a 2 inch fish. (We are curious to know what the real reason is!)  How about saving the people who are going to go hungry if this is not rectified!  We turned on the radio while driving in an attempt to find some local talk radio discussion on the subject, but did not find any.  We did however hear several advertisements for the conservative who is running for governor.  She sounds like the right type of person to change the situation in CA. 

October2009 211

October2009 216

 October2009 217

October2009 219

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  1. Angela says:

    Photos are beautiful- Do you love your camera? I love that you are posting more often and pics of the family. Knowing this- I will stop by daily now 🙂 Have a blast