Feels Like Home

I have talked before about the PILES of books that we have around our house. We recently purchased our third 7 ft. bookshelf, even though the first two have yet to be painted. (They are stained and so fit for use, but I want to paint them to match my furniture!) In addition to the bookshelves being completely full, we have piles of books on every nightstand in the house, on every desk, on shelves (divided by subject into containers) and even piles on the floor in some rooms.

Tonight my husband walked in the door at our hotel and laughed at me. He said that he “knew” I would buy books while we were here, even though we brought an entire milk crate full of them! We have been buying books about our “adventures,” books about the museums we have visited, San Francisco, The Wizard of OZ (reading this before Wicked next week) and Angel Island.

My girls have also been chewing through the reading material. Our commute here is long and so they have been bringing books along.   I had a feeling that this was going to be the case, and so on our way out of town I purchased some over-the-shoulder leather purses that zip closed for the trip.  Now they can carry their books on our adventures without getting them lost or wet.  (The rain here is deceptive.  It does not poor, it “mists” and yet you get totally soaked to the skin! )  The purses have worked very well, and have probably also prevented the girls cameras from being damaged or stolen.

So, now I am beginning to wonder if I will need a uhaul trailer to get home.  We have all our original stuff, plus three dragon dance heads, an additional camera lens, lots of food from Costco that I know I will not throw out and about 15 new books.

I am hopeless!

3 Responses

  1. Ginger says:

    We’re twins, right? I know that rain, and I know about buying books everywhere. What we do in these situations is squeeze the books in every spot available for the ride home. Sure it’s a bit uncomfortable on the way home, but the mind is a terrible thing to waste. I think you’ll be amazed at how many books fit under seats and between children.

  2. Montserrat says:

    Some people collect bobble head dolls or t-shirts on their vacations but you collect books which are 100 times better!

  3. Marmee says:

    Ginger, I decided last night that I’ll be shipping the Dragon Dance heads home. They are the biggest issue because of their size and they are fragile. Thanks for the suggestions on “stuffing!” I know we’ll have every door pocket, etc. full!