Faith is a Garden

Last night Mouse prayed, “Dear Heavenly Father, please help that we find my bunny tomorrow.” 

This morning we headed out and returned to B*arnes and N*oble to try and find Babby Babbit.  She had been left somewhere and I was afraid that she was gone forever, but Mouse knew.  From the moment she uttered the prayer it was more of  “picking up Babby” than it was “finding Babby.”

Within minutes of entering the two story store, Xuxu had found Babby.  She was on a shelf right near where Mouse had said she would be.    As soon as Mouse had hugged her bunny, she turned to me and said, “See, Jesus answered my prayer.”  

She is right and it made me realize that small inconveniences like this are faith builders for our children.  Mouse’s faith is stronger today and  I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who answers even the simplest of prayers so that their faith will grow!

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  1. Ginger says:

    Sweet faith of children

    I remember this bridge from my adventures there as a child. I love that garden.