Cable Cars and Dragons!

After a late start we rode BART into town and purchased tickets for the Cable Car.  We rode from Powell/Market to the Cable Car Museum, which is only about 20 minutes.  The museum was really fun, but VERY loud.  Because were super close to China town the girls requested Utopia for lunch.  This time we ordered more shrimp wonton soup and added an order of roast duck wonton soup.  The girls loved it and ate every single drop.  This time the staff spent more time chatting with us and letting the girls practice their Chinese.  

We then spent some time in the “more Chinese than tourist” section of China Town.  I was worried about whipping my camera out at some of the shops, so I do not have photos of the dried fish, squid and sea horse.  I finally got my courage up in the third Chinese Medicine shop and asked to take photos.   They gave me permission, but then promptly disappeared.  So, I now have photos of medicine, but no chemist. 

On our way out we passed several Chinese schools where I actually closed my eyes and remembered our time in China.  The children’s voices, the sound of the language and the smells made me “home sick” for China.   

We also came across a shop with dragon dance costumes.  We are now the proud owners of three and can not wait to bring them to our next FCC event! 

The best part of our day was spent at the playground in China Town.  We “accidentally” discovered it as we were heading back to Market Street to leave our dragon heads with Da for the day.  Once again, we were the only white people around but my kids quickly found other children to play with.  The playground looked like it could be any playground in China as it was full of grandparents enjoying the sun, playing cards and chatting with friends.  Several grannies asked about the children, but relevant conversation was limited to “Wo you leo ge haizi” meaning “I have 6 children.”  Anything else was far above my understanding.  I think that they understood that the two little ones are from Shantou, the one big one is from AnQing and that Xuxu was “my own.” 

After the playground we decided to head back to the hotel.  We have been going full bore since Saturday and we need some rest.  We are planing on taking the day off tomorrow to catch up on laundry, math homework and to rejuvenate.   We will head back out for more adventures on Friday and Saturday and will take Sunday off.  It will be nice to get back to the regular “day of rest” on Sunday and start our week fresh next week! 

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  1. Janelle says:

    Loving the pictures and hearing about everything that you are doing!

  2. Angela says:

    I love this new format- I may have to copy- it is so user friendly and I love the layout