An Ancient Forest and Rescuing Jellyfish

(Yes, I took this photo (above)!  Amazing, huh?  Some of my pictures today turned out really well, but others were not in focus.  I have been playing with the manual focus setting, and have discovered that it would probably be a good idea to get my eye sight back to 20/20 before I use it on a regular basis!  I think a phone call to the eye Dr. is in order.) 

We have been starting out early because of the combination of an earlier time in CA and day light savings.  The girls are up by 6 easily and out the door by 8.  It is making for long days to fill with activities!  (Goodie!)

This morning we headed out the door about 40 minutes after Da left for his first day of school.   It was a bright and clear day so we chose an activity that would take us outside.  We headed North, through Oakland and over the Richmond Bridge to the Muir Woods National Monument.   I have always heard about the sequoias, but was astonished at the true size and beauty of these trees!  

We spent several hours hiking the interior trails of the Monument and then headed out to the other side of the island to visit Stinson Beach.  The roads were very steep and very winding.  They made the girls a little sick, but after a quick stop at a little beach side market for crackers, cheese, water and Ferroero Rocher they were feeling much better! 

At the beach we made a quick lunch of our purchases because of the persistant gulls.  In addition to the gulls, we were joined by a black lab who seemed to think we would be the perfect family to adopt.  We laughed because he had his home phone number written on his collar, as if this is a common occurrence!   After a quick clean up and ditching our shoes in the car, we walked about a mile down the beach.   It was perfect 70 degree weather, not too cold and not too hot!  We found several sand dollars and probably 20 jelly fish, which of course was the highlight of the day!   Star felt it was her duty to save them, and so she spent much of her time throwing them back into the deepest water she could manage. 

We are back in our hotel room now and Da is practicing his “preposition bingo” on the older girls.  He has a couple more hours worth of study and the girls and I are planning on popping some popcorn and watching a movie.  If the weather holds out, we will be doing another outdoor activity tomorrow.   (Maybe sailing?)

3 Responses

  1. Betsy says:

    Wonderful pictures of beautiful sights (nature and kids). The sister of a good friend of ours runs one of the little stores in Stinson Beach so you may have met her! Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful also

  2. Angela says:

    Great photos- I will probably be saying that everyday! I wish I was there- it looks wonderful

  3. Marry Stewart says:

    I call the road to Sinson Beach puke hill! Stinson Beach was kaia’s first time to the ocean!