(We are seeing 100’s of windmills here in CA, but we have yet to see any actually working!  Da wonders why there are windmills here instead of in Wyoming where the wind actually blows!)

We are on our way to San Francisco and have stopped for the night in a beautiful (brand new) Fairfield Inn.  I am under the weather (stomach problems) and so I am at the hotel relaxing while Da takes the girls out for an ice cream.

We are on our way to San Francisco so that Da can complete Cambridge’s CELTA program.  Having this certificate will allow him to volunteer at Kennecott to teach English as a second language.  It will also allow us to teach English in China some day in the distant future.  (Kennedy Center?)  

Fortunately for us, Da’s company has decided to cover this training.  They are paying the tuition and hotel, while we cover the transportation and food.   They are also allowing Da to use training days & comp instead of vacation days.   While in discussions with his boss about this plan, Da made a list of reasons why this training would be beneficial to the company, and his boss replied, “all those reasons are nice, but really it all comes down to the fact that you deserve it!”  I can not tell you how exciting it was to hear that!  I know Da works very hard, but it is nice to get the affirmation! 

I have to add that we feel extremely blessed at the moment! 

Stay tuned for more!  There are MANY more activities coming up soon!