Play Time

Do you remember the photo that I complained about?

august2009 418

 With my old camera it looked like this because the camera was not fast enough. 

Today, I decided to test the new camera.  While the big girls were in orchestra, we “ran” around campus. 

This is what we ended up with! 

October2009 041

Not perfect, but obviously much faster! It will do for a long while!! (Do you see that she is entirely off the ground?)

We also ran into some sweet friends from playmakers!

This one is for Michael B.

October2009 050

This one is for Miranda.

October2009 055

And this one is for Josh!

October2009 056

And this is one just because I love Katie & Xuxu!!

October2009 051

Congrats to Katie, Hannah, Rebecca and Madison for their parts in the upcoming play!! We will be there cheering you on!!

1 Response

  1. Miranda says:

    Love those girls! We missed you all at auditions for sure.
    There is still time to join the choir if you are interested.
    Thanks for the pics!