Day Trip

It has been an amazing day and this post probably is not going to do it justice. I am walking asleep, but will finish this post while I wait for the “fam” to finish off the last of yesterday’s chocolate truffle cheese cake! (They couldn’t wait ’till tomorrow!)

 This morning we got up bright and early to check for fevers that were just mild yesterday and discovered that everyone appeared well.  So, we quickly dressed and threw everyone in the car for a 4 hour drive to our old stomping grounds. 

We were there to attend a work party that Da had organized for the IS and T group.  Boondocks is not my choice of entertainment, but it was fun to eat barbeque with work peers and their families,  race around in go-carts, play a little laser tag and win the jackpot in the arcade with Pie and Mouse!  They chose an interesting selection of toys with their prize tickets including two huge heart shaped “bling” rings, a bag of marbles, some candy corn and two rubber duckies for the tub!  *grin*

After Boondocks we headed out to a decidedly different type of activity and visited the BYU Museum of Art to see the  Royal Holloway Collection!    We arrived at 4:15 and only have 45 minutes to spend time with this amazing collection, but we loved every moment of it!   It was so fun to watch my older girls go from painting to painting, talking about the history and geography behind each painting, discussing the use of color to create “shine”, and paint strokes to create the texture of hay and velvet.  They even touched on the suffering that seems to be part of every age of history, despite the “glamour” almost always portrayed.   My littles enjoyed looking for people and buildings, deciding on what was in the foreground or the background, etc.  They are exceptionally intent on being as active in art as their older sisters are! 

I am so excited to take these girls to the museums in Europe! They are going to love it!

When the museum closed we drove up to our favorite place to eat (Kneaders) and enjoyed our favorite sandwiches and desserts, then hopped over to Four Chairs to pick out the paint colors for the new bunkbeds we have on order. While we were there we discovered our “dream” couch, but with a price tag of $8000 it will be a while….if never! ;o)

We also stopped and did some food storage shopping at Macey’s and then headed home.

During our driving time we have been reading aloud from Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War.  It is a fabulously crafted book and I look forward to adding this to our annual reading list for the Thanksgiving Holidays.  We are having a ball reading and discovering little stories about Da’s ancestors that we have not heard before. (One incident that took place on the Mayflower was portrayed in the Pocahontas movie done by Disney!  It never crossed my mind that the scene came from actual history when I watched the movie years ago! Wrong voyage, but still from history!  You will have to read the book to guess what which story it is! ;o)   I can not recommend this book highly enough as a resource for parents who want their children to know the real story!

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2 Responses

  1. Kristiana says:

    Wasn’t it a fabulous exhibit? I’m still kind of walking asleep too. We were down your way last weekend seeing one last play. I can’t believe you drive up here and back in one day. Two days of car travel about did me in.

    I loved reading Mayflower too. Did you know there’s a slightly simplified version for younger people? There’s also a dvd called Desperate Crossing that features the author as one of the talking head historians. It was really well done, I thought.

  2. Jenny says:

    What an amazing exhibit! I love the picture from the piazza. So much color and depth in those paintings! I’m excited to head to the Boston MFA with Angela and company next month to check out the European collection!