A New Friend

Today we took a new friend out to lunch.  His name is Zhang Yue (Jacob) and he is the Conductor of the Henan Symphony Orchestra.  He speaks just enough English to get along and we were grateful for his little translating device!  We knew he was leaving to China tomorrow and so we decided to take him to our favorite hamburger joint.  We hope that he understood that the humbleness of the place was our attempt to show him a slice of Americana!  ;o) 

While we were at lunch the subject of his name came up and we gave him a copy of a book that has a great leader also named Jacob in it.  He said that he had talked to many Mormons while here in Utah, but that this is the first time anyone offered him a copy of  The Book of Mormon.  The copy that we gave him is in simplified Chinese characters, and is the latest copy that I have purchased for my own study!  You would think that I would have learned by now to have more copies on hand, as I keep giving  them away as fast as I buy them.  

Yue (Jacob) has invited us to stay at his home in Zhengzhou, China when we travel there next spring.  We look forward to it, and to meeting his wife and 16 year old son.

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