A New Era

After a year of talking and dreaming about it (and waiting until we had the cash), we decided last night to take the 00548_nikon-d90-bodyplunge into digital SLR photography.    So far, even with all our travels, we have lived with a point and shoot.   It was so hard to be in such fabulous locations (like Mu Tian Yu &  Mt. Vernon) and not have the ability to take amazing photos.  So, today I purchased this—–>

I have also signed up to take photography classes at kelbytraining.com and will hopefully be adding some from jessicasprague.com too.  Xuxu is anxious to take the classes right along side me, but I have told her that she will have to save her pennies to get her hands on this camera!  For now, she will take over the point and shoot and we will be buying another one for Star. 

Keep your eyes pealed for fabulous photos!