Navajo Lake

Da needed some family time after spending so many weeks studying, so we took a road trip to Navaho lake. The fall leaves are out and the temperature was just perfect! We roasted marshmellows, ate s’mores and walked on the beach. I cannot imagine a more perfect afternoon with the family!

august2009 393

august2009 410

august2009 415

august2009 420
This is a redo of the picture below, that would have turned out perfectly if I had a faster camera! When I asked her to run to me again Pie said, “you want me to do it in slow motion?”

august2009 418

august2009 422

august2009 436

august2009 443

august2009 463

august2009 470

august2009 471

3 Responses

  1. Angela says:

    These photos are wonderful and the leaves look fantastic. Glad you guys did the family thing!

  2. Val says:

    Gorgeous pics, Anne!!!

  3. gloria says:

    Beautiful photos of the kids anne. Beautiful photos of God’s creations, too. 🙂