Music on My Heart

sarahsunWe are just home from the Orchestra of Southern Utah Talent Showcase 2009.  Star saw her best friend play Piano Concerto No. 5 in D Major with the orchestra!  Mouse was tickled pink that they played arrangements from ET, Harry Potter and Star Wars!  Xuxu just drooled over the violins….she is back in her room practicing (again) as I type!

I realized on the way home that I want to reinforce the experience of attending the concert in a more concrete way.  We are always sure to grab several of the concert programs for journals, but worry that the kids would not remember the music they heard.  Tonight it dawned on me that I could down load all the pieces we heard from iTunes, and probably only spend $10-$15.  Not a bad investment after the price of tickets to the original event.   

I also purchased season tickets that include the Utah Symphony Orchestra, the Russian Nutcracker Ballet, Cathedral of the Madeleine Choir, La Traviata Opera, the Ririe/Woodbury Dance Theater performance of Alwin Nikolai Centennial and the Yuki & Tomoko Mack Piano Duo.   There are two more performances I want to attend, The Messiah (free and first come, first serve) and Bravo Opera!   Tickets for Bravo! do not go on sale until February.  It includes highlights from Carmen, Mikado and La Boheme.  I hope I don’t miss out on getting tickets.

I wish that I had the words to tell you all how music has changed our lives this year.  We have always loved good music and have listened almost constantly, but adding the study and practice of music to our home has improved the quality of our lives immensely.  Our girls are quieter, more content and have a deeper spiritual connection.  Because of this we have several things in the works that we will announce at another time, but for now, I leave you with this article and video that have touched my heart recently. 

Karl Paulnack to the Boston Conservatory Freshman Class

2 Responses

  1. Angela says:

    Good for you- I love nothing more than to hear great music, I wish now that I had surround in this house, so we could just pipe it!

  2. Ginger says:

    I miss the sound of my children’s music. Spencer is home for the fall but too ill to play as yet.

    I didn’t know about the Opera this spring. If I’m in town I hope to go to bring back old memories. In college I sang in the Mikado in the role of Pitysings.