The Making of America

Constitution_000The National Center for Constitutional Studies is making an all out effort to spread the message on the principles of good government.  They are doing this by presenting a four week webinar every Tuesday night starting this evening. 

 Our family is using their webinars as part of our education this year.    Because my children are younger, we are using the archives and are watching  smaller pieces each time.  If you would like to view the archived seminars, go to this page ( and see the list under archives. 

The site also has another series of lessons at this site,

He said tonight that they are working on having a short, medium & long series available. These are worth the time to watch if you haven’t seen them. These are appropriate for high school & maybe jr. high students.  (Or, if your like me and you want your younger children to see and hear the information, you can break the information down into smaller pieces.)

If you go to this page is a link to order 10 or more “Five Thousand Year Leap” books for $5 each or CDs for $1 each.  You will need a copy of the book for the seminar, and you will definitely want the rest to pass out to friends and family.

We are in desparate need of real education on the Constitution. Spread the word!

2 Responses

  1. ginger says:

    thank you for the links

  2. Angela says:

    Very creative idea …I will have to check them out to see what it is like. I am still working out history right now!