Fall Schedule

scheduleThe girls and I have been working like mad this last week to get the house clean and organized so that we can start our new fall semester on Monday.  Today Xuxu and I leave to girls camp and will be back on Friday, which leaves me just Saturday to clean up the mess Da and the littles made finish up .  I am pretty sure I will be ready!

A few years ago I purchased a book called The Managers of Their Homes.  I thought that it was a great concept, mapping out your entire day in 1/2 hour increments.   I thought for sure that it would get our family into a very routine schedule and help us accomplish more.  Unfortunately, it has never really worked for us past the first few weeks!  When we are trying hard to get the schedule to work, we fight fatigue and frustration and I feel very strongly that the discouragement is coming from the wrong side!

After trying, once again, to fit our fall schedule into the MTH schedule,  I became very discouraged!  I could not fit everything in, even though I knew from past experience that we CAN do everything on our list in a day.   I threw up my hands and began to pray very earnestly about how to successfully teach my children at home, give them the education we want them to have (that they deserve) and how to fit it all into a workable plan.   The answer came slowly, over a course of several days of praying and study, and now I know how we will accomplish our plans!

Yesterday I broke the list down into Daily, Odd (days), Even (days) and Personal.   The girls are in charge of their own personal lists and will have time in the early morning, afternoon and evening to accomplish their list.

We have an ambitious list this year, but I feel confident that we can accomplish every thing we’ve chosen.   (I say ambitious and chuckle, because the programs I have chosen are actually fewer in number than last year, but  they explore subjects in more depth.)

So here is the plan:

Daily: Gospel Study, Math, Grammar, SWR , Writing and Chinese.

Odd: History, Music and Poetry  (Music and Poetry are the girls “special interests” and they will study those independently.)

Even: Geography and Science

Personal: Chores, independent reading, scripture study,  journal, email, letter writing, swimming, piano, violin and viola.  (Star wants to start cello, but I think we will put this off until we return from China next year.)

I have an hour set aside in the early morning (while the big girls are doing their chores) to do school with the littles.  (Mouse would be considered 1st grade and Pie pre-K but they still like the same stuff !) We will be reading outloud and learning a few songs during that time.  They will also participate in Math, Grammar and SWR for their respective levels throughout the morning, and will be kept busy during other times with puzzles, Chinese DVDs and art activities.   I have set aside time to teach the little ones to swim every day and also for things such as swim team, music lessons and YW/activity days.   Basically, we have a loose schedule of what will happen each day, in a specific order, but I don’t have time limits on every activity.  I feel very confident that this will work for our family and am excited to have Monday morning arrive!

3 Responses

  1. Kristiana says:

    It looks like a good plan. I can’t do a time-limit kind of schedule either. I end up feeling behind before I even get started.

    My house is still a wreck from all the sickness this summer, but I put enough in order so we could start school yesterday. I still have tons to do so by Sept. I’ll feel like we’re put back together somewhat.

    Have fun at girl’s camp!

  2. Angela says:

    Good for you- I too, am trying to decided how I am going to get everything done. Exact schedules have never worked for me- But I am going to try and do Math and English and the same time everyday. I am anxious to see how this will all work out for you!n Have a blast at Camp!

  3. Ginger says:

    This is the first time in 27 years I have not had to worry about this sort of thing. It is quite freeing but also a bit sad.