Henry V & a Few Words From the Management

June2009 050-2Last night the girls went with their Da to see Henry V.    They loved it, seemed to understand what was going on and once again spent time speaking with people from the production afterward.  This time it was one of the actors from The Comedy of Errors (Dromio) that approached Star.  He asked her how old she was and mentioned that he’d seen her in the audience the night before.  He told Star that he had a nine year old daughter and wanted to know if she would be interested in the performances.  Star was very enthusiastic about his daughter seeing all the plays!  She repeated what the Executive Director had told her last night, “the kids seem to understand it better than the adults!”

Tonight Da is taking the girls to see As You Like It.  (I am going to The Secret Garden with them next week.)  They were all up early this morning talking excitedly about the next show, rushing through chores and the school work that they have.   I love seeing their enthusiasm!

On the photo issue,  I’ve been asked by a couple of folks why I went private and then open again and why I’m posting photos without password protection.   There have been a couple of changes in the circumstance that prompted us to go private and we’ve changed the purpose and direction of this blog.  .   We are also no longer posting about our day to day, but focusing on the education aspects of our life.  It seems to have made a difference already!  Thank you for all your support over the years!

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  1. Angela says:

    Jealous-Jealous Jealous and yes- I may just take you up on the October offer:) for classes and a two week stay!