Where Do We Go From Here?

Up!  ;o)

I have had a couple of emails from people interested in the book and asking me what the actual plan is for high school and beyond.    Yes, we do have a plan, and you can get a taste of it on my friend Angela’s blog!  She has a daughter that is two years older than Xuxu, and she is following the same type of plan we are!  You can read about it here.

For now, we are leaning heavily on grammar, writing and math.  You have to have the basics down before you can move forward with a plan like this.   We’re also increasing the amount of time we spend individually and together studying the Chinese Language.

In addition to our school day, the two older girls are intent on winning a summer reading contest put on by our orthodontist, and so I’m allowing them to spend every spare moment reading.  So far they have chosen a good mix of “for fun” books and books that we have for our study of U.S. History!

Three of the girls have music lessons: two piano, one violin and two viola lessons. We will continue with those, maybe adding a cello (Star) sometime next year.   It has also been suggested by our string teacher that the girls join the local youth orchestra, and we will do that in the Fall.

After discussing the family charter again with the girls yesterday, (I wanted their input on the items I was posting to the blog) Star suddenly lit up.  I think that for the first time she realized exactly what we meant when we said that we wanted the kids to “find their passion and go broader and deeper!”  She said to me, “does that mean I can try out for a play?”  Absolutely!  That is what we mean!  We are fortunate to live in an area that has several theater groups, and so I don’t think it will be difficult to find something for her to participate in!

Of course, I know that these are things that we probably would have participated in whether we were in public/private school or even using our old homeschool plan.  But, for now, it is what we are doing, so I’ll continue to post about it.    Honestly, the only thing we’ve backed off of is the intense study of U.S. History that we had planned and swim team.  We are still planning on reading the history books and using the material for writing projects, but it will not be the center of our focus.  As for swim team, our “swimmer” has had a change of heart and wants to concentrate on music.  (She has ambitiously taken on piano and violin, and she is learning the notes for viola so that she can help her little sister practice!)  This change came about earlier in the Spring, but we continued to swim until last week.  At that time, the public school let out and the team filled up with kids who are only summer swimmers.  This was beyond frustrating to both of my girls, and they made the decision to take the summer off.  I do not know at this point if we will go back in the Fall, or if we will continue our walking/running program each morning.  I will leave that up to them.

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  1. Angela says:

    This is awesome- Thanks for the plug by the way- You are lucky to live by so many options for theater. I think your summer sounds fantastic and I hope those girls win that contest, the ortho owes you with 2 girls in braces:)

    PS I saw you are reading Teach Ye Diligently….one of my favorite books

  2. Move forward! The community college option was not as flexible as BYU distance for us. Also, I really didn’t like the teachers and the topics they asked my 15 year old to explore, such as lesbianism. Yup, my daughter had to write a paper defending it in her first English class. The teacher assigned other horrible topics as well. We got none of that with BYU distance. Just a thought.

  3. Marmee says:

    Kathryn, As a huge fan of BYU homestudy, you can rest assured that it is on our list! ;o)