Mouse Loves Rice ?????

I found a great blog this evening.  I hope to read it from beginning to end, but so far we have only had time to skim it.   The author has some great posts, such as The Good Samaritan with Chinese Characteristics and Force-feeding your neighbours infested Mandarin oranges.  (That last post was especially helpful to me in understanding our Chinese  teacher’s need to put the food directly into my mouth!! ;o)

Tonight we had fun learning some new phrases ( qí m? zh?o m?, literal translation: “ride a horse, seek a horse”,  meaning: working one job while looking for a better one) and listening to Chinese songs.  The author of the blog does all of us learners a great favor by posting the words in characters, pin ying and English!  My girls love learning with music and plan on memorizing this sweet song first of all!

??????? / w? t?ng jiàn n? de sh?ng y?n
I hear your voice

??????? / y?u zh?ng tè bié de g?n jué
Have a special kind of feeling

????? / ràng w? bù duàn xi?ng
Makes me constantly miss (you)

?????? / bù g?n zài wàng jì n?
(I) don’t dare forget you again

??????? / w? jì de y?u y? gè rén
I remember there’s one person

??????? / y?ng yu?n liú zài w? x?n zh?ng
(who) forever stays in my heart

?????????? / n? pà zh? néng gòu zhè yang de xi?ng n?
Even still all (I’m) able to do is miss you like this

??????? / rú gu? zh?n de y?u y? ti?n
If really there’s a day

??????? / ài qíng l? xi?ng huì shí xiàn
(when) ideal romance is achieved

?????????? / W? huì ji? bèi n? lì h?o h?o duì n?
I will doubly strive to be good to you

????? / y?ng yu?n bù g?i biàn
Forever not changing

??????? / bù gu?n lù y?u du? me yu?n
No matter the road is however far

??????? / y? dìng huì ràng t? shí xiàn
(I) will definitely make it happen

???????? / w? huì q?ng q?ng zài n? ?r bi?n
I will softly beside your ear

??????? / duì n? shu?, duì n? shu?
Say to you, say to you


??????? / w? ài n?, ài zhe n?
I love you, loving you

??????? / jiù xiàng l?o sh? ài dà m?
Just like a mouse loves rice

??????? / bù gu?n y?u du? sh?o f?ng y?
No matter there is how much wind and rain

???????? / w? d?u huì y? rán péi zhe n?
I will still as before be there with you

??????? / w? xi?ng n?, xi?ng zhe n?
I miss you, missing you

??????? / bù gu?n y?u du? me de k?
No matter it’s however bitter

??????? / zh? yào néng ràng n? k?i x?n
So long as (I’m) able to make you feel happy

?????? / w? shén me d?u yuàn yì
I’m willing to do anything

???? / zhè yang ài n?
This way love you

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  1. Joel says:

    Hey, glad you liked the song! And thanks for the kind words. Short-term international experiences as a teenager to non-tourist destinations played a big role in us ending up overseas as adults.

    Haha, I’d totally forgotten about the infested Mandarin oranges episode. I miss those old guys.