Mu Tian Yu, The Great Wall

Just a short note today. We FROZE on the Great Wall and are still cold!! The wind was blowing and it was below freezing, but the girls were real troopers! We took the tram up, but you have to climb about 500 yards worth of stairs to get to the tram, and another 500 yards of stairs to get to the actual wall. At the top we could see the Great Wall going out in both directions, “as far as the eye could see”! I love this section of the wall best of all the places I’ve been. It shows the true magnitude of the construction that they did! There are portions on the tippy top of VERY HIGH mountain peaks. I wish that my camera did it justice! They gave us a CD when we bought tickets, so I’m hoping there are some good photos on that! I will post them if I can.

On the way back down the girls wanted to ride the camel. If I’d known how mean he was, I wouldn’t have let them! But, the two big girls got to ride him around a bit and Mouse just sat on his back…I was afraid she’d fall off because she couldn’t hold on well enough. Pie slept through the whole thing! She was warm and bundled up and so didn’t even notice the camel or most of the Great Wall. We’re headed to our friend Kirsty’s house tomorrow for some rest and to do laundry. She was very gracious to invite us. It is her partner, Wang, who is taking us around town. I haven’t decided what we’ll do on Monday yet. That is our last day in Beijing and we are pretty tired. Maybe one outing and then back to the hotel to pack our already brimming bags with all our new finds to head to AnQing.