The day we left AnQing to head for Guangzhou, we stopped in Hefei to visit the room where we received Star. Once again, she was very excited to see the “place” where Marmee and Da first met her. The manager was very accommodating and had no problems letting us into the conference room. The large couches are gone, but the walls and the decorations are the same.

We only spent a few minutes there, but Star was full of questions, “did I cry?”, “who else was there?”, “do we have photos of that day at home?” She knows all the answers to those questions, as she has a movie of her adoption and has seen it several times. But, I guess they were important questions at the time. She skipped happily down the spiral stair case on our way out.

I’m not sure that Star has absorbed everything that took place on this trip! I think it will take some time. Right now, with Christmas, she seems to be putting it on a back burner. It will be interesting to hear and see how she begins to process this when our lives return to normal.