This is my favorite Holiday, for lots and lots of reasons, but mostly for the feeling that I have all day of gratitude! We had so much fun cooking together as a family, eating a scrumptious meal, listening to the stories of our Forefathers, and watching a movie together. Star (our prayer warrior) said an absolutely amazing prayer…..even though we didn’t ask her to! (Da usually prays on this special day, but as we all sat down at the table and prepared for prayer, Star just started! ;o) I guess the feeling of the day just over came her and she launched into the most beautiful prayer I’ve ever heard from a 7 year old….or most grown ups to boot!)

This week we have viewed two incredible movies that I think should be added to everyone’s lists (if they aren’t already!) The first was a movie that I’ve been waiting for a long time to see. Its “Amazing Grace.” I was just as blown away as I expected to be!

The second was “The Ultimate Gift.” This movie is the story of a young man who has been raised in a family who has almost unlimited financial resources. The Grandfather decides to use his will as a way to give the young man the opportunity to change his life. Throughout the process the grandfather gives the boy the following gifts:

The Gift of Work
The Gift of Problems
The Gift of Friends
The Gift of Giving
The Gift of Gratitude
The Gift of Family
The Gift of Learning
The Gift of Money
The Gift of Laughter
The Gift of a Day
The Gift of Dreams
The Gift of Love (which leads to the Ultimate Gift)

I love the choice that the young man makes in the end, but I won’t give it away! This is a definite must for a family night!