Walking the Old City


December 30th, 2014:  Today we spent all of our time in the Old City.  Because I’m running out of time, this will be short and sweet. First:  Breakfast in the Jewish Quarter. I could eat baklava every day! This was the street level at the time of Christ, and this Roman sidewalk was the market… 

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Monday, December 29th, 2014:  Today we visited Bethlehem.  Because it is a Palestinian controlled area, our Jewish guide could not take us.  I felt a little bit like contraband as our Arab taxi driver dropped us off on the other side of the border and left us in the hands of a Palestinian guide.  Our… 

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Mahane Yehuda Market


Shopping the day before Shabbat in Jerusalem is a jostling, colorful, and busy business.  Many travel books will tell you not to, but we found it absolutely delightful to be part of the mess!  We purchased Lady Gala apples, hummus, baklava (baklawa), pears, flat bread, halva, nougat, strawberries, olives, figs, chocolate croissants, and pistachios.  It… 

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Where are we going next?

If you type, “India, land of…”  into Google, you get the following list: India, land of farms India, land of festivals India, land of holiness and piety India, land of unity India, land of diversity India, land of spices India, land of prayer India, land of dreams India, land of heritage India, land of culture… 

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My Miracle!

This post was originally made on Facebook on July 30, 2014. Our house has been full of a quiet type of gratitude for the past couple of days. It is a gratitude that fills you up so much that there is no space for words… or really anything else. Today, I finally feel like I… 

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Best of State


The video just came out! They did such a great job! Lexi is such a sweetheart too! Bella is in the second row on the right of the conductor with her hair up and sitting up very straight! (Her hallmark and her teachers love it!)   Waiting to perform!     The stage is set!… 

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My Mandarin Primary Songs


This past year has been a busy one for Bella.  In addition to attending BYU as a concurrent student, taking online classes, playing with Lyceum, and keeping up with our travel schedule, she took on a Senior Project that made her Mama smile.  For the longest time, I have wished that The Children’s Songbook (©… 

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American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra


The album that Lyceum worked so hard on in February is almost ready for release! We are so excited! The commercial for the album is now live (see below) and it will be shown on KSL 20 times over General Conference weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for it! Bella is at .18 seconds and is… 

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The Master

1959424_749152805094890_1880913102_n (1)

In February, Bella was privileged to participate in the recording of a C.D. with The American Heritage Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra.  The C.D. is called, The Master, and will be for sale at Deseret Book and other retailers Mid-April. The music is all original arrangements of LDS hymns and I can attest that it is going… 

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Hong Kong!


An old post that somehow was never published! It’s been a year today, and so I thought I’d get it out there!



Our sweet (patient) friend 春艳 (Chūn yàn) came over to teach us how to make dumplings.

Quick Update

It feels like we’ve been here a month, without the benefit of getting our bearings about us!

A Special Christmas


For the next two weeks: I will be absent from Facebook Not a single news article will be read Nor  will I hear Glenn, Rush, Hannity or Levin’s voice My  ?husband? will not be on the road Major house work will wait and so will school… For the next two weeks: I will ?? sing ??… 

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Motion: 1 a : an act, process, or instance of changing place : movement b : an active or functioning state or condition

The Bay

november2009 1246

A Blue & Gold Cruise and the Bay Aquarium.



We came, we saw, we LOVED!!  Can’t wait to see it again with pie one day!

A New Friend

Today we took our new friend Zhang Yue out to lunch. (The photo is from Henan Province, China.)

Day Trip

10. Horsley, John Callcott - The Banker's Private Room-Negotiating a Loan (1870)

An arcade, sandwiches and the Museum of Art! Also, musings on Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War.

Utah Symphony Orchestra & a Discovery!


This evening I took the three oldest girls to see the Utah Symphony Orchestra with David Cho, conducting and Ralph Matson soloist.  The program was All Beethoven, so the girls were very familiar with the music.  When we arrived we ran into our friends, the Sun family and once again (because of their presence) got… 

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Believe in Me


Believe in Me Click on the words above to listen to a beautiful new song for Young Women!

Theme Song


We heard My Declaration from the movie Inkheart at the theater in its initial release.   I knew I wanted a copy of it and so purchased the CD on the way home.  My girls love it, it speaks to our soul, and they know the words by heart!  Occasionally you’ll see us driving around  in… 

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I have always been too intimidated to start studying the Chinese characters, until yesterday.  We were invited to come over to Ling’s house again and I grabbed the kids character flash cards on the way out the door.  I figured Ling could show me at least the order of the strokes, and maybe we could… 

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Where Do We Go From Here?


Up!  ;o) I have had a couple of emails from people interested in the book and asking me what the actual plan is for high school and beyond.    Yes, we do have a plan, and you can get a taste of it on my friend Angela’s blog!  She has a daughter that is two years… 

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Beyond the Cul-de-sac


I apologize for making it sound like we have a big announcement…we really don’t.  We have just re-written our family charter and wanted to share it with you, along with some of our new dreams! This family charter is a culmination of years of talking, dreaming and planning. As some suspected, we are not putting… 

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“Today” ~~A poem I composed on the day our neighborhood children returned to public school.

An Open Letter To Ye Ye and Nai Nai

Each of the girls have written their grandparents separate letters, but I wanted to let everyone know how grateful we are for their kindness over the past three months! We have a new relationship with Ye Ye and Nai Nai that could not have been duplicated with yearly visits, and that we will always be… 

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